Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Posted by Eva DeCosta on 21st Jan 2021

This Valentine's Day, make sure you let everyone you love know how much they mean to you.  We always make sure our significant others are made to feel special on this day, but this year why not do the same for the other very special people in your life? Like mom or grandma, daughter or son?

Below are our picks of cute little tokens (gifts) you can give to the people you love.  We are sure they will keep them and treasure them.  

Mom's and Dads deserve some Valentine love


Our kids or siblings are always near to our hearts and if you're a parent, you know no matter how old they get, they are always our babies.


Trinket dishes with a special note are perfect and can be used daily as a key holder, a place to put your jewelry so nothing gets lost.  We love it on our desk to holding our paperclips.


Whether they are family or friends or just someone who helped you out, our service people always deserve some love, especially now.


An of course, our special someone who is with us daily through good times and not so good times.....

Add a little extra gift to the chocolates or flowers, just because...


Remember that everything grows with love.


Remember, just because we call an item an "ornament" does not mean it has to go on a Christmas tree. We love to display our special ornaments all year long to remind us of the story and special someone that goes with that ornament all year long.

One suggestion is to hang it in your daily workspace. We promise you will get a nice warm cozy feeling everytime you look at it.

Happy Valentine's Day!